The Coronavirus Response in South Africa

Countries should not face penalties for effective reporting on coronavirus variants; doing so incentivizes staying silent on dangerous new cases. [Photo: Getty Images]

Note: A podcast episode by WZB’s Soziologische Perspektiven auf die Corona-Krise with Joseph Harris on the same topic can be found here

South Africa was hit hard during the country’s first coronavirus wave that began in March 2020. While an aggressive lockdown was initially praised for stopping spread and saving as many as 20,000 lives, the lockdown had important consequences of its own. And as pressure to reopen grew, by July 2020, the country stood mired in the largest coronavirus outbreak on the continent and one of the largest in the world. What factors left South Africa so vulnerable to the coronavirus? What policies and programs comprised the governmental response? How has the country navigated COVID-19 since that time, and what support can Germany and other industrialized nations offer the country today? Based on a chapter Harris wrote on the politics of South Africa’s coronavirus response in an edited volume that can be accessed for free here, his present article explores these questions.

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Interview: Sifiso Ndlovu über den Jugendaufstand in Soweto (II)

Hören Sie in unserer dieswöchigen Podcastfolge die zweite Hälfte von Lynda Iroulos Gespräch mit Prof. Dr. Sifiso Ndlovu, der 1976 an den Protesten gegen das unterdrückerische Apartheid-Regime beteiligt war.

Nachdem er in Teil 1 die Ereignisse beschrieb, die den Protesten vorausgingen, hören Sie Prof. Ndlovu in Teil 2 des Interviews über die Ereignisse des 16. Juli 1976, die weiteren Lebenswege der Protestierenden und seine Ratschläge an junge Menschen heutzutage sprechen.

Prof. Sifiso Ndlovu

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Interview: Sifiso Ndlovu on the Soweto Youth Uprising (II)

In this week’s podcast episode, listen to the second half of Lynda Iroulo’s conversation with Prof. Dr. Sifiso Ndlovu, who took part in the 1976 Soweto youth protests against the oppressive apartheid regime.

After describing the events preceding the uprising in part one, hear Prof. Ndlovu talk about what happened on June 16, 1976, the paths that protesters have taken afterwards and his advice to young people today in part two of the interview.

Prof. Sifiso Ndlovu

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Interview: Sifiso Ndlovu über den Jugendaufstand in Soweto (I)





                                                                                                                                                                         [Foto: lubilub/gettyimages]

In dieser Episode unserer Interviewreihe hat Lynda Iroulo Prof. Dr. Sifiso Ndlovu zu Gast, Professor für Geschichte an der University of South Africa sowie Geschäftsführer des South African Democracy Education Trust.

In Teil I spricht Prof. Ndlovu über seine persönliche Perspektive auf den Aufstand im Juni 1976, die Rolle von Afrikaans im Schulunterricht und darüber, wie eine anfängliche Unzufriedenheit zu einem historischen Ereignis führte.

Eine gekürzte, schriftliche Version des Interviews sowie das gesamte Interview als Audiodatei (beides auf Englisch) finden Sie hier.

Prof. Sifiso Ndlovu

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Interview: Sifiso Ndlovu on the Soweto Youth Uprising (I)





                                                                                                                                                                       [Photo: lubilub/gettyimages]

In this episode of our interview series, our host Lynda Iroulo talks to Prof. Dr. Sifiso Ndlovu, Professor of History at the University of South Africa and executive director of the South African Democracy Education Trust.

Listen to part I of the interview, as Prof. Ndlovu talks about how he experienced the Soweto Youth Uprising in June 1976 as a 14-year-old boy, the role of the Afrikaans language in education, and how an initial dissatisfaction led to a historic event.

Find an abridged transcription of the interview below or listen to the full one here:

Prof. Sifiso Ndlovu

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