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Orders Beyond Borders is a place for those interested in analyses of global governance and reflections on current political developments. The blog deals with the increasingly intertwined global, national, and regional governance processes. It addresses laws, rules, norms, regimes and regulations referring to global problems, conflicts, and contestations in world politics, foreign policies, and developments on the local or national level that affect global governance. We look for orders that have emerged beyond national borders, and aim to understand our globalized world a little better.

The principal writers on this blog are researchers or guests at the International Politics and Law research area of the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. We have a broad range of academic backgrounds and we approach global governance from various angles. Our academic diversity enables us to address several empirical topics of global relevance, including security issues, migration, the spread of infectious diseases, financial and economic crises, humanitarian emergencies, climate change, and, last but not least, the politics of global governance as a whole. With our different theoretical and methodological approaches, we want to illuminate the multifaceted phenomenon of global governance. Check out the blog posts and interviews and see for yourselves!

The floor is open! You are very welcome to respond to our posts or to comment. We hope you enjoy reading our blog and contribute to the debates.

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If you would like to contribute or have ideas for the blog please contact the team: obb@wzb.eu

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