The End of the Liberal Order as We Know It?

Are we witnessing the end of the Liberal Order as we know it? Two important new books on this pressing question were presented and discussed at a recent WZB event. You can watch the full video recording below.

Populist parties challenge democracy, European integration, and international order. At the same time, authoritarian states openly challenge liberal values. Counter-revolutions and counter-institutionalizations abound. Many people wonder how the liberal world could get into such a crisis. Is Europe disintegrating? How can the resistance to the global governance be explained? Is there a way to overcome the multiple crises?

These questions were discussed by Jan Zielonka, Professor of European Politics at University of Oxford, and Michael Zürn, Director at the WZB and Professor of International Relations at Freie Universität Berlin. The debate was moderated by Dr. Anna Sauerbrey, editor and writer at the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

For more information about the presented books, click the links below:

Zielonka, Jan (2018). Counter-Revolution: Liberal Europe in Retreat. Oxford: University Press

ZĂĽrn, Michael (2018). A Theory of Global Governance: Authority, Legitimacy, and Contestation. Oxford: University Press

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